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Sims Speed Indicator

The Sims Speed Indicator is back! Created in 1963 by Paul Sims, Engineer and SailBoat Enthuthiast. Developed and tank-tested at the Steven's Institute, this knotmeter has proven itself to be a mainstay for sailboaters and trolling fishermen alike. Tested to within 98% accuracy, the Sims Knotmeter will provide you with an inexpensive foul-proof device that will provide years of error free speed indicator readings. The Sims Speed Indicator is graduated from 0 - 7 knots (0 - 7.7 mph).

This knotmeter is made of durable plastic, is completely corrosion proof, and will read your speed in knots between 0 - 7 knots. A convenient chart is provided to determine optimal speed for trolling - by class of fish! No more guessing, target the fish you want - this is almost like being in the water!




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